Grade AS-1 .050 to 4.000" 81 PCS Rectangular Gage Block Set

SKU 303-5309C

Grade AS-1 .050 to 4.000" 81 PCS Rectangular Gage Block Set

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SKU 303-5309C
Mfg SKU # 303-5309C
Brand Shars Tool
Gage Block Category Gage Block & Spacer Sets
Block Shape retangular
Size Range - Gage Block 0.050-4.0"
Certifying Specification ASME B89.1.9-2002
Accuracy Grade AS-1
Tolerance 8µ (0.05-0.4"), 12µ (0.45-1"), 16µ (2"), 20µ (3"), 24µ (4")
Number of Pieces 81
Material steel
NIST Certificate Yes
Individually Serialized Yes
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Product Spotlight

  • Mirror Finish

    The measuring faces (2 sides) are ground and micro lapped to surface roughness of Ra 0.016 while the non measuring face (4 sides) are maintain at Ra 0.63. The mirror finished surface allow the gage block to be easily wringable.

  • Laser Marking

    Each gage block is laser marked with nominal length and serial number with reference to the calibration certificate.

  • ASME B89.1.9-2002 standard

    Inspection are taken place in a ISO-9001 certified laboratory and each block's measurement is recorded on the NIST traceable certificate, not a ISO17025 long form certificate.

  • Plastic Insert

    Each block is wrapped in a greasproof paper and placed inside the plastic insert holder to prevent corrosion and abrasion.

What's Included

  • Calibration certificate traceable to the N.I.S.T.
  • 9 blocks: .1001-.1009" in .0001" steps
  • 49 Blocks: .101-.149" in .001" Steps
  • 19 Blocks: .050-.950" in .050 steps
  • 4 Blocks: 1-4" in 1" steps