Dial Shore D Durometer

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Dial Shore D Durometer

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SKU 303-9418
Mfg SKU # 303-9418
Brand Shars Tool
Measuring Range - Hardness Tester 0-100
Hardness Scale shore D
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  • Suitable for testing the hardness of hard plastic, leather, rubber, glass, printed board, fiber, colophony, thermo plastic materials
  • Measuring range: 0-100 Shore D units
  • Depth of indentation: 0-2.50mm 
  • Indentor: Cone Point 30° Angle
  • Measuring spring force: 4.45-44.5 N
  • Test pressure: 50 N
  • Dial diameter: 55mm
  • Full 360 degree sweep
  • Simple structure
  • Easy operation
  • Large dial, easy reading
  • Complied with ASTM D2240, ISO/R686, DIN 53505, and JIS R7215
  • Can be adapted with optional hardness test stand