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Mitutoyo 24" Digital QM-Height Height Gage With Air Suspension Movement

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Mfg SKU #64PKA130B
Stock AvailabilityShip in 1 Day
Height Gage CategoryElectronic Height Gage
Maximum Measuring Range24", 600mm
resolution.00005", .0005", .0001", .001" (.001mm & .01mm)
Data InterfaceYes
Air SuspensionAir Float


The Mitutoyo QM Height high-performance height gage takes height, step, inside and outside widths, inside and outside diameters, and circle pitch with great precision. Perform Go/No-go judgements by setting upper and lower tolerances, and out-of-tolerance measurements change the display background from green to red for quick reference. The QM Height’s ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction-type linear scale maintains the measurement position until it is reset by the operator.

  • ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on; overspeed errors are also eliminated
  • Travel is performed with a slider elevation knob while a wheel is used for measurements
  • Large, back-lit LCD screen features easy reference icon keys for better usability
  • Roller bearing guiding method provides smooth movements
  • Various types of optional probes are available
  • Battery life of 1200 hours in continuous use with 4 alkaline AA/LR6 batteries, an improvement from 300 hours.
  • Operates using an AC adapter and optional rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Install the optional U-WAVE-T measurement data communication system to output measurement data directly to Excel or SPC software on your PC
  • SPC capability and USB data port provides the option of data output for real-time measurement analysis
  • QM-Height

    - Best-in-class accuracy ±(2.4+2.1L/600) μm
    - Measure height, step, inside and outside widths, inside and outside diameters, and circle pitch

  • GO/±NG judgment by LED

    LEDs indicate tolerance judgment status – green for GO, red for +NG, and orange for -NG. Status is also indicated by corresponding symbols appearing on the display.

  • Intuitive buttons and layout

    - Simple-to-use control panel enables most measurements to be made with a single keystroke
    - The symbols are for frequently used keys
    - Cross-keys provide better operability

  • Inside & Outside Diameter

    Besides height measurement, Mitutoyo’s proprietary mechanism and firmware enables scanning measurement of inside/outside diameters, maximum/minimum heights, and height differences.

  • Probe elevation wheel

    Used for measurement, allowing fine or coarse adjustment of probe height

  • Air-suspension feature

    Pressing a button on the grip activates the internal air pump. The base rises on a cushion of air and is able to be moved smoothly over the surface plate

What’s Included

  • QM-Height gage 518-247
  • A/C adaptor
  • Probe diameter calibration block (12AAA715)
  • ø5 mm stepped probe (05HZA148)
  • Alkaline batteries x 4 (AA/LR6)