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Mitutoyo 0-1" IP65 Quantumike Electronic Outside Micrometer

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Mfg SKU #293-185-30
Micrometer CategoryOutside Micrometers
Micrometer TypeElectronic
Minimum Measuring Range0", 0mm
Maximum Measuring Range1", 25mm
ThimbleRatchet Stop
Data InterfaceNo
U-Wave FitNo


  • Mitutoyo QuantuMike Speed Demo

    How fast is the IP65 Coolant Proof QuantuMike from Mitutoyo?
    In a word, FAST!

    Faster measurement with 2mm per rev. instead of the standard 0.5

    Patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatability

    Significant reduction in positioning time

  • IP65 Dust and Water Resistant

    Excellent resistance against oil, water and dust enables this product to be used in machining situations that include splashing coolant fluid.

  • Patented Ratchet Thimble Mechanism for Repeatable Measurement

    The patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatable results by transmitting microvibrations along the spindle to the contact face to provide a constant measuring force and encourage good contact with the workpiece. The ratchet works from the thimble as well as the speeder so it is always easy to use - even when making measurements one-handed. The sound of the ratchet provides the user with a sense of confidence and the speeder enables the rapid spindle feed needed when measuring widely different dimensions.

  • Graduated Scale on Sleeve

    A graduated scale is provided on the sleeve for use with a reference mark on the thimble so that every millimeter displacement can be checked to provide extra confidence.

    • Function Lock

      QuantuMike is equipped with a function lock feature to prevent the origin point being moved by mistake during measurement.

    • Certificate of Inspection

      A Certificate of Inspection is supplied with each instrument shipped that guarantees the quality of the product. Please note that this certificate cannot be used to obtain a Certificate of Calibration because the purchase date cannot be specified.