Mini Pro Tram System 1/4" Shank With 0.25" .001" Indicator

SKU 202-0012

Mini Pro Tram System 1/4" Shank With 0.25" .001" Indicator

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SKU 202-0012
Mfg SKU # 11-000
Layout Setup Category Center Indicators (Co-Ax & 3D)
Brand Edge Technology
shank size 1/4
graduation 0.001
Measuring Range Dial Indicator 0.25"
Dial Reading 0-50
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The Mini Pro Tram by Edge Technology has all the same great features of the full size Pro Tram but in a smaller package. The unit is perfectly sized for bench-top and mini-mill machines.


  • Square the head of a milling machine quickly and easily
  • Simply lower unit to table and adjust the head until both indicators read the same
  • Can be used with a sine bar or sine plate to adjust the head to precise angles
  • Calibration procedure accounts for any error introduced by worn collets
  • Guaranteed to be equal to or better than any other tramming method or spindle squaring device available
  • Indicator graduation 0.001" & repeatability of 0.0002”
  • Width between two indicator's contact point: 3"
  • Height from contact point to the top of the shank: 3.870"
  • Includes calibration gage and padded case


What's Included

  • pro tram gage with .25 .001" indicator
  • padded case