BT40 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 End Mill Tool Holder 4pc Set

SKU 202-7143G-202-7150G-202-7649-202-7154G

BT40 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 End Mill Tool Holder 4pc Set

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SKU 202-7143G-202-7150G-202-7649-202-7154G
Mfg SKU # 202-7143G-202-7150G-202-7649-202-7154G
Tool Holder Category End Mill Holder
Brand Tegara
shank size BT40
Bore Diameter 3/8
end mill holder style stub
max rpm balanced to G2.5 20000
TIR (inch) 0.0001
drawbar thread size M16x2.0
Dual Contact Tool Holder No
Coolant Through Yes
Full Details


  • shars cat40 tool holder

    AT3 or Better

    Taper ground to AT3 or better ensures 80% or more contact with spindle to reduce harmonics and improve runout tolerance

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Pilot Contact

    Inside bore are precision turned to engage a better contact with retention knob's pilot to increase rigidity

  • shars cat40 tool holder

    Taper End Face

    Precision turning surface finish provide perpendicular contact with the flange of retention knob to increase rigidity

Tech Specification

  • Taper Size


  • Bore Diameter

    1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

  • Projection Length

    1.75" for 1/4", 3/8", 2.00" for 1', 3.00" for 3/4"

  • Bore Tolerance


  • TIR (at nose face)

    < 0.0001"

  • Max Balanced To

    12,000 RPM

  • Coolant Type

    Thru Spindle

  • Rear Thread Size


  • Nose Diameter

    0.81", 1.06", 1.38", 1.75"

Product Spotlight

  • Mirror Finish

    To achieve AT3 or better taper contact as an industry standard, our taper surface are precision ground on Shigiya CNC grinder from Japan. We are not satisfied with just meeting the industry standard, the surface roughness on the taper is maintained to mirror finish.

  • Flange and V-groove are precision ground to ensure reliable tool change
  • Spindle Thru coolant capability

What's Included

  • 1pc CAT40 1/4" x 1.75" L End Mill Holder (p/n 202-7143G)
  • 1pc CAT40 1/2" x 3.00" L End Mill Holder (p/n 202-7150G)
  • 1pc CAT40 1" x 2.00" L End Mill Holder (p/n 202-7649)
  • 1pc CAT40 3/4" x 3.00" L End Mill Holder (p/n 202-7154G)