CAT40 ER16 5" Mini Nut ER Collet Chuck Tool Holder

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CAT40 ER16 5" Mini Nut ER Collet Chuck Tool Holder

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SKU 202-1468
Tool Holder Category Collet Chuck
shank size CAT40
projection length 4
max rpm balanced to 12000
TIR (inch) 0.0001
drawbar thread size 5/8x11UNC
Dual Contact Tool Holder No
collet series ER16
collet chuck style long reach
collet nut diameter 22mm
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Product Spotlight

  • Unique design feature in the flange to minimize the off-balance nature of CAT 40 taper specification. On the side of flange where a half spherical hole is located, a "wall" is built around this hole to compensate the weight of the metal chips lost from forming this spherical hole. This design allows the left side and right side of the holder to achieve 50-50 perfect weight distribution in its upright position, like the position inside a machine spindle. Symmetrical design in evenly weight distribution will minimize centrifugal force in high speed spinning and thus maximize the holder's ability to hold the cutting tool concentric to spindle rotation.

  • In a generic standard ER collet nut, an internal ring is off-centered so that an ER collet can be easily snapped into it and holds the ER collet in place. To minimize this off-centering, SHARS ER collet nut is optimized to distribute the flat sides' area to off-set the off-center.

  • Manufactured from alloy steel with good core strength and long wear life. Taper shank is case hardened to 56-60 HRC and has a core hardness of 35-40 HRC. The case hardness is designed to give maximum wear life without compromising the 60-62 HRC spindle. The core creates a damping effect from the vibration during the high speed milling, especially in long reach or heavy duty milling application
  • Taper ground to AT3 or better accuracy standard for maximum contact with spindle. All of SHARS CAT/BT/HSK tool holder use Stotz Air/Electronic Gaging for production and finish inspection. Stotz has been chosen by major aircraft companies as the best and most consistent gaging for tool holder shanks

    • All critical surface are precision ground

  • Concentricity is less than 0.0001" from taper to end mill pocket
  • Each holder comes with a lab certificate on its taper accuracy and runout measurement

  • Internal set screw is included and can be used as a stopping pin to prevent end mill or drill from sliding backwards while performing heavy cutting

  • Coolant through capability by removing the internal set screw