ER25 High Torque Collet Nut

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ER25 High Torque Collet Nut

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SKU 202-1648
Mfg SKU # 202-1648
Tool Holder Category Collet Nut
Brand Tegara
max rpm balanced to 12000
collet series ER25
collet nut diameter 42mm
Collet Nut Style Slotted
thread size M32 x 1.5
Maximum Torque Ft/Lb 95
collet nut thickness 0.79"/20mm
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Product Spotlight

  • High Torque Collet Nut

    The maximum torque is laser marked on the ER collet nut face to take the guess game out of the way to ensure proper amount of force should be applied while tightening. Innovative coating process significantly increases the clamping force by 75% compared to standard ER collet nut. More gripping force provides better rigidity and reduces the possibility of losing grip on the round shank which lead to expensive damage on cutting tools and work piece material.

  • Asymmetrical O-Ring

    Internal clamping ring's shape is design to minimize out-of-balance compare to the standard off-center o-ring design from other standard ER collet nut, achieving 12,000 RPM without needed to drill holes on the collet nut body when placed on a dynamic balanced machine to preserve ER collet nut's body strength.

  • Pre-Balance Design

    Slot geometry is design with different length to offset uneven weight distribution from the inner o-ring.

  • Grind Finish

    Before the stage of black oxides coating process, the face of the ER collet nut is precision grind on achieve the visual appealing.

  • Made in Taiwan