Universal Right Angle Iron 10 x 12 x 16

SKU 202-4110

Universal Right Angle Iron 10 x 12 x 16

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SKU 202-4110
Brand Shars Tool
Angle Plate Sine Plate Mag. Chuck Category Angle Irons
Material cast iron
Finish Type Precision Ground
Plate Surface Flat
Plate Style Standard
Plate Design Single Web
Overall Length 10
product height 12
product width 16
number of rib 1
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Product Spotlight

  • Made of fine grain cast iron with high quality and stress relieved
  • All faces and ends are finished square and parallel
  • Size tolerance: ±.015"
  • Parallel within .00025" per 6"
  • Ground finished square within .0005" per 6" only on the 2 main plane working surfaces, other sides or planes are finished but does not have a tolerance specification
  • Approximate weight: 130 lbs