6" H/V Rotary Table with 6" 3 Jaw Chuck

SKU 202-2025

6" H/V Rotary Table with 6" 3 Jaw Chuck

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SKU 202-2025
Brand Shars Tool
Machining Table Category Rotary Tables
table position horizontal & vertical
table size 6
horizontal height 3.26
center height 3.93
center taper 2 MT
T-Slot 0.47
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Product Spotlight

6" Rotary Table Feature:


  • Low profile design fitted for DIY and home hobbist milling machines
  • Table graduated with 360 scale
  • Micro collar graduated to 1 minute with 10 second accuracy
  • 10 second vernier reading on a satin chrome dials
  • Gear drive immersed in oil
  • Dual positive action locks
  • Maximum individual spacing error 4" table 120"
  • 6" table utilizes low profile locks for added workspace
  • Gear ratio: 6" table is 72:1; 6-16" tables are 90:1
  • Rotating angle of table with one revolution of the worm gear: 5 degree
  • Flatness of clamping service-concave: .0006"
  • Concentricity of center bore: .0008
  • Parallelism of clamping surface to angle face: .0008"
  • Squareness of angle surface to clamping surface: .0004"
  • Squareness of clamping surface to center slot: .0008"


 6" Lathe Chuck Feature:

  • Semi-steel chuck body made from high quality cast iron
  • Three pinion design with each pinion ground and hardened to HRC 43
  • Two piece jaw design with a master jaw and a top reversible jaw in American Standard tongue and groove specification
  • Both side of jaw teeth and guides are ground and hardened to HRC 58-62
  • Each set of jaws are serialized in their own set
  • A serialized set of jaws are then finished, ground, and lapped on their designated chuck body which will be the same chuck body on the final assembly to achieve a greater accuracy
  • Before assembling the jaw to its designated chuck body, the jaw's finish machining are performed on a closed tolerance state of the art CNC machine from Japan
  • Scroll plate's thread flank are ground on both side to achieve a tighter contact with the master jaw
  • Each chuck has gone through rigorous accuracy and repeatability inspection with clamping and jamming multiple random testing rods or rings

  • Accuracy is maintained for the entire clamping range

What's Included

  • 6" Horizontal Verticle Rotary Table(202-2001A-3)
  • 6" 3 jaw Front Mounting self-centering lathe chuck(202-6188)
  • 1 center align pin(202-2043)
  • 2 set of jaws for inside set and outside set
  • 6 piece of mounting screws for the lathe chuck back plate (3 screws for front mounting and 3 screws for back mounting)
  • 1 hexagon wrench