0-1" Solid Metal Frame Electronic Outside Micrometer

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0-1" Solid Metal Frame Electronic Outside Micrometer

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SKU 303-2463
Micrometer Category Outside Micrometers
Micrometer Type electronic
Maximum Measuring Range 1", 25mm
Minimum Measuring Range 0", 0mm
graduation 0.00005"/0.001mm
Thimble Rachet
Accuracy ±0.00015"/0.003mm
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Product Spotlight

  • Forged steel frame with heat insulated in baked enamel finished to isolate heat from operator's hand
  • Micro-lapped carbide tipped measuring face gives mirror finish on the measuring faces to make more accurate reading
  • Included 1 end of ball anvil cap to be able to measure round pieces

  • Large LCD display
  • Advanced spindle design in hardened and precision ground lead screw threads give reliable and accurate reading
  • Rotating the thimble sleeve when the inspection piece is between the spindle and anvil activate the ratchet mechanism to tap the spindle and apply uniform measuring force to the inspection piece. Also easier to use in one-hand operation and improves measurement repeatability than ratchet-stop style micrometer

What's Included

  • 1 pc of micrometer
  • 1 battery cap wrench
  • 1 pc of ball anvil cap
  • In fitted plastic case