15/32" to 1-1/2", A-K Adjustable Blade Reamer Set

SKU 404-7330

15/32" to 1-1/2", A-K Adjustable Blade Reamer Set

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SKU 404-7330
reamer category Sets
Material HSS
Number of Flutes 6
reamer style adjustable blade reamer
size range reamer 15/32-1-1/2,A-K
Number of Pieces 11
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Product Spotlight

  • Blades are adjustable and move within tapered slots in the reamer body
  • To adjust these reamers the blades are moved within these slots by loosening the nut at one end and tightening the nut at the other
  • Movement permits the reamer to be set to any desired diameter within the range of the size adjustment
  • Adjustment feature allows reamer to maintain a specific size by compensating for wear
  • Can be readjusted to expand and reground to the appropriate size and resharpened
  • Only could use by hand, use on machine could damage the blade.
  • Blade material: High Speed Steel N2
  • Other component material: 1045 carbon steel
  • Maximum workpiece can not be more than 220 HB Brinell hardness