Grade B .1001 to 4.000" 81 pcs Solid Carbide Gage Block Set

SKU 303-5306

Grade B .1001 to 4.000" 81 pcs Solid Carbide Gage Block Set

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SKU 303-5306
Gage Block Category Gage Block & Spacer Sets
Block Shape retangular
Size Range - Gage Block 0.1001-4"
Certifying Specification Federal GGG-G-15C
Accuracy Grade B
Tolerance +10µ -6µ (0.05-0.4"), +10µ -6µ (0.45-1"), +20µ -12µ (2"), +30µ -18µ (3"), +40µ -24µ (4")
Number of Pieces 81
Material solid carbide
NIST Certificate yes
Individually Serialized Yes
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Product Spotlight

  • Higher degree of accuracy when used at temperature of 68°F (20°C)
  • Individual serial numbers on each block, regardless of grade.
  • A complete certificate of calibration traceable to the N.I.S.T. showing the deviation of each block.
  • All sets are supplied in deluxe fitted wood case.
  • Mirror polished surfaces provide superior wringing characteristics.
  • Meets or exceeds Federal GGG-G-15C
  • Tungsten carbide resists high corrosion, making it ideal for continuous handling, also with low coefficient of expansion to resist temperature changes or "hot hands" from the gage block users.
  • With a surface finish of less than .2 millionths (.005 microns) is ensured and gives maximum wringability which is appreciated by users of steel and chromium carbide gages.
  • The surface finish process removes all peaks, leaving mirror finish surface resistant to wear, ensuring long life within the original accuracy tolerance and retained wringability
  • Edges of gaging faces are reinforced for a smooth radius
  • 81 Pieces Set

What's Included

  • Calibration certificate traceable to the N.I.S.T.
  • 9 blocks: .1001-.1009" in .0001" steps
  • 49 Blocks: .101-.149" in .001" Steps
  • 19 Blocks: .050-.950" in .050 steps
  • 4 Blocks: 1-4" in 1" steps
  • Fitted case