SCMT 433 HM YBC251 Carbide Insert

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SCMT 433 HM YBC251 Carbide Insert

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SKU 424-1484
Indexable Insert Category Turning Inserts
To be used on alloy steel, stainless steel
application semi-finish
ANSI Number SCMT-433-HM
ISO Number SCMT120412HM
Insert Style SCMT
Insert Size 433
Inscribed Circle 1/2
Insert Thickness 0.187
Thru Hole 7/32
corner radius 3/64
Insert Grade YBC251
Chip Breaker HM
Material carbide
Coating CVD Tin Al2O3 TICN
  • ANSI #: SCMT32.52HM
  • ISO #: SCMT09T308HM
  • Insert Style: SCMT
  • Insert Size: 32.52
  • IC: 3/8
  • Thickness: 5/32
  • Thru Hole: 0.17
  • Radius: 1/32
  • Insert Grade: YBC251
  • Chip Breaker: HM
  • Material: Carbide
  • Coating: CVD Tin Al2O3 TICN
  • Machining Parts Material: Steel Alloy
  • Machining Process: semi-finish/medium
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Product Spotlight

YBC251 Coating Grade






 Carbide Substrate



  • Surface with Tin coating to reduce friction and easily identify worn out spot
  • Special structure Al2O3 layer forming a thermal barrier to protect insert from Anti-plastic deformation during high speed try cutting
  • TiCN layer has high wear resistance characteristic
  • Carbide substrate form by special crystal structure to increase the rigidness of the core base and thermal stability at high temperature

YBC251 consist of tenacious carbide substrate with strong cutting edge and optimal layers of MT-TiCN, thick layer of Al2O3, Tin Coating.  It's suitable for general purpose on wide range of material: finishing, semi-finishing and light roughing of steel, cast steel and stainless steel.

HM Chip Breaker


preferred choice chip breaker for General Purpose

M Class tolerance double sided chip breaker, suitable for inside boring and outside turning semi-finish/medium on alloy steel and cast iron.