4" 470ASC 5 Axis CNC Self Centering Milling Machine Vise

SKU 202-0954

4" 470ASC 5 Axis CNC Self Centering Milling Machine Vise

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SKU 202-0954
Vise Category 5 Axis Vise
Brand Shars Tool
Vise Application CNC machine
jaw opening 12.36
Jaw Width 4
Jaw Depth 3.54
Bed Height +/-0.0005" 3.54
With Swivel Base no
Clamping Force (Lbs) 4400
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Product Spotlight

  • Anti-Jaw Lift Mechanism

    Keeps the jaw sturdy by applying half the poundage of the horizontal force for every pound of downward force

    Strong Clamping Force

    4500 lbs of clamping force

  • Large Clamping Depth

    Besides utilizing the top step jaw to clamp on small workpiece, a 4" wide x 3.54" height jaw plate can also serves as a self-centering vise on large workpiece

  • Narrow Working Envelop

    With an overall circular diameter within 500mm, vise handle, main leadscrew shaft, vise nut are designed not be extended beyond the end of the vise body. This design feature gives it maximum accessibility without interference

  • Optional Vise Jaws

    ASC470 comes with jaw plate and top step jaw set as standard, and we offer optional jaw accessories such as the serrated tooth jaw set for round and odd shaped parts

  • High vise bed and jaws structure delivers a well-balanced design that provides better clearance for movements of the machine spindle, the worktable, and the part itself, without creating interference areas
  • Made from 80,000 PSI stress-relieved ductile cast iron
  • Clamping repeatability within +/- 0.0004"
  • Fixed jaw perpendicular to vise bed within 0.0005"
  • Vise bed parallel to base within 0.0005"

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