Starrett 0-6" Range 0.0001" Mechanical Outside Micrometer Set


Starrett 0-6" Range 0.0001" Mechanical Outside Micrometer Set

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Micrometer Category Outside Micrometers
Brand Starrett
Micrometer Type Mechanical
Minimum Measuring Range 0"
Maximum Measuring Range 6"
graduation 0.0001
Thimble Rachet
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Product Spotlight

  • Using with an Outside Micrometer

    how to ensure a micrometer's accuracy with a look at periodic adjustments, easy maintenance procedures and a few tips on tool care.

  • The most popular precision micrometers used by skilled workmen worldwide
  • Accurate, rugged, and easy to use
  • All sets come with attractive, protective case, which keep micrometers and standards together, readily accessible
  • Hard and stable one-piece friction thimble permits one-hand operation of micrometer and uniform contact pressure
  • Balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling
  • Gracefully designed tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places
  • Micro-lapped measuring faces
  • Starrett No-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve minimizes annoying surface glare under bright lights and resists rust
  • Anvils sized at .250" (6.35mm) diameter.

What's Included

  • Fitted wooden case
  • Adjusting wrench
  • 5 Standards (1", 2", 3", 4", 5")