Starrett Wiggler Center Finder

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Starrett Wiggler Center Finder

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SKU S828
Mfg SKU # S828
Layout Setup Category Center Finders
Brand Starrett
Power Type Mechanical
Contact Point Ball Diameter 0.250"
Audible No
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  • Made in USAMade in USA

Product Spotlight

The Starrett Wiggler/Center Finder S828 and three different attachments adapt to countless applications and are readily interchangeable. The attachments are snapped in the chuck without removing the collet nut and are clamped by a ball swivel-joint which permits adjustment to an angular position or true concentricity. Center Finder without Indicator Holder, without Case concentricity.

  • Wiggler/Center Finder with 3 Attachments, 828B, C, PT09186, Without Indicator Holder, Without Case.
  • Working centers can be quickly and accurately located.
  • Spring tension on the ball of the point permits guiding point to concentricity. Work can be brought into perfect alignment with the machine spindle.
  • Ball Contact 828B is useful in locating work by first bringing the contact (ball diameter .250" or 6.35mm) against the work
  • Disc Contact 828C, which has a small disc at the end (.100"/2.54mm) diameter, permits use in more confined areas such as slots or shallow holes.

What's Included

  • Pointed Shank
  • Ball Contact
  • Disc Contact