TNMG 333 EM YBG202 Carbide Insert

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TNMG 333 EM YBG202 Carbide Insert

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SKU 424-1771
Indexable Insert Category Turning Inserts
To be used on alloy steel, stainless steel
application semi-finish
ANSI Number TNMG-333
ISO Number TNMG160412EM
Insert Style TNMG
Insert Size 333
Inscribed Circle 3/8
Insert Thickness 3/16
Thru Hole 0.15
corner radius 3/64
Insert Grade YBG202
Chip Breaker EM
Material carbide
Coating PVD nc-TiAlN
Full Details
  • Alloy SteelAlloy Steel
  • Stainless SteelStainless Steel

Product Spotlight

YBG202 Nano structure nc-TiAlN Coating Grade












Nano structure nc-TiAln coating process ensures higher tenacity and hardness.  This coating grade results in smooth surface finish on the insert, which reduce friction and increase chip flows. TiAlN (Titaninum Aluminum Nitride) has the characteristic of excellent thermal resistance and wear resistance and offers effective protection on the cutting edge of the chip breaker.  

It's a combination of 2-4 um nc-TiAlN coating and ultra-fine carbide substrate to yield high strength and toughness.  It's suitable for milling from light to medium load and bore machining of all kinds of materials, turning of stainless steel from finishing to semi-finishing and rough turning of high temperature alloy

EM Chip Breaker


preferred choice chip breaker on M category material Medium

EM chip breaker is designed with sharp cutting edge which is required for machining highly adhesive material such as stainless steel while reinforced the impact resistance on the edge, which makes it suitable for semi-finishing and intermittent machining of adhesive materials, such as austenitic stainless steel.