Universal Right Angle Iron 8x10x12"

SKU 202-4109

Universal Right Angle Iron 8x10x12"

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SKU 202-4109
Angle Plate Sine Plate Mag. Chuck Category Angle Irons
Material cast iron
Finish Type Precision Ground
Plate Surface Flat
Plate Style Standard
Plate Design Single Web
overall length 8
product height 12
product width 10
number of rib 1
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Product Spotlight

  • Made of fine grain cast iron with high quality and stress relieved
  • All faces and ends are finished square and parallel
  • Size tolerance: ±.015"
  • Parallel within .00025" per 6"
  • Ground finished square within .0005" per 6" only on the 2 main plane working surfaces, other sides or planes are finished but does not have a tolerance specification
  • Approximate weight: 82 lbs