ZCC SPMX SPMX090408-LM YBG9320 Carbide Insert

SKU 424-3580

ZCC SPMX SPMX090408-LM YBG9320 Carbide Insert

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SKU 424-3580
Mfg SKU # SPMX090408-LM
Indexable Insert Category Drilling Inserts
To be used on aluminum
ISO Number SPMX090408-LM
Insert Style SPMX
Insert Size 090408
Inscribed Circle 0.386
Insert Thickness 0.169
Thru Hole 0.165
corner radius 1/32
Insert Grade YB9320
Material carbide
Full Details
  • Non Ferrous MetalNon Ferrous Metal

Product Spotlight

PVD coating grade YB9320

(peripheral/central inserts)

  • The atomic rearrangement technology realizes the long-range orderly arrangement of different coating materials to achieve a perfect match between hardness and toughness, effectively solving the problem of high temperature instability at the interface of multiple coatings and improving the high temperature performance of the coating.
  • High-toughness substrate and TiAlN-based nano multilayer coating, unique ion etching technology, strengthen the cutting edge, and improve the bonding strength between the coating and the substrate.
  • Advanced surface treatment technology, optimized stress distribution, better overall performance.